Dating: 3 Tested and Proven Dating Tips

Dating: 3 Tested and Proven Dating Tips

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Dating: 3 Tested and Proven Dating Tips

Dating tips are always searched by those who are busy looking for the right man or woman for them. Dating is not as simple as what you have in mind.
It might be the toughest moment for somebody who lack the confidence in talking to someone he wants to know. If you are into serious trouble in setting up a perfect date, get help from the experts. Look for amazing tips that work. Try to listen to what others are saying. Keep that positive attitude in you. Dress up. You are on a date and for sure, it is so special. Making it special is not impossible. There are helpful tips to consider. Make it the most unforgettable day of your life. You don’t need to consider a potion or a magic formula to become the perfect date. Just be yourself. But, how will
you expect that the date will turn out to be good? Keep yourself posted with great tips. Make every dating experience unforgettable.

Start the Preparation Earlier

This is why you need to schedule the date. If the date is set, it is time to take care of the plans. This is tough. But, you need good plans if you like to succeed. Dating is something important. It should be experienced for real.
It takes good preparation to make sure that the person you’ll spend time with will enjoy. Try to think of the topics the two of you will share. Don’t let it be turn to a disaster. Enjoy well! Start a good conversation. Don’t pretend that you are anyone else. Your plans should include the venue, food and the surprises. If that special someone deserves an unforgettable day, offer it.

Make a Good Impression
If the person you are dating with was impressed of you, sustain it. This is why look best. If the date is scheduled the next month, you still have time to go to the gym. Do your workout. Get physically fit. Target the best dress or suit. Make sure you wear the right shoes that complement. Style your hair the simplest way. Your hairdo is an important factor in completing your get up. If you look best, you trust yourself. You become more confident. You become less anxious of yourself and your look. Just don’t be too much when styling your hair or when you out make-up for ladies. You can share your thoughts with the person you are dating with. But, be sure that you are ready with the potential questions that will be asked to you. For sure, your date will also ask you about your life, dreams and failures. Majority of us want somebody who is never afraid of revealing his true life. Let that person know that you have plans about your life.

Study about Your Date
Know the significant information about your special someone. Determine what foods are on his/her list before you start ordering. Be gentle. Take care of your date. Show that person that he or she should be treated equal.
Just don’t be so quiet. That would make an a bad impression. How will you score to your date if you just sit down, eat and then smile at her? Go out of your shell, share, talk, etc.
You are probably looking for dating tips. Trust the time-tested. They are the ones that surely worked; they have been tried by many. But, do take the opportunity to try your own techniques. You won’t make that date a disaster if everything was set, the site is up and you come on time. Don’t be late. That signals that you care less for the person

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Parenting: 3 Positive Parenting Solutions

Parenting: 3 Positive Parenting Solutions

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Little Scorpions participates in affiliate programs and accepts advertising from various companies. This may contain links to those companies’ websites. I receive a small commission, (Which helps pay for this website), if you make a purchase using one of those links. At no extra cost to you.

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Parenting> 3 Positive Parenting Solutions for Out of Control Children and Teenagers

Parents, children will adapt to any environment you create for them. If your child or teenager is out of control, then wishing, hoping, and praying will not fix things automatically. Things will not get better unless and until you, the parent, are ready to make some significant changes. Most of the time when parents approach us about an issue they are having with their child or teenager, they will ask, “Can you fix my kid?”

What if it is not the child or teenager who needs to be fixed, but the parent who needs to be fixed. I know, you don’t want to hear that. But if you are really looking for parenting solutions for your out of control child or teenager, you must face the facts. You have created an environment which has produced an out of control child!
As a parent it is not easy to admit that you need help or that you realize you have made a mistake. I had a very hard time with this when I first met  Thomas, but when I really saw the environment I had created for my children it all made so much sense. Now I know that once I create the correct environment my children always rise up. I encourage you to read on as Thomas shares 3 parenting solutions you can use today to begin creating a winning environment for your child or teenager and for yourself.

1. Create a winning environment.
Choose everything you wish to have accomplished and the exact behavior you choose to see from your child and put it in writing. Find out exactly what is important to your child by asking him/her questions and listening to what they ask you for; put this all in writing. Make a decision that your job as a parent is not to make them happy, overcompensate, and control your child; it is to create a game plan with your child and to teach your child life skills so they will have the best chance to be successful in their future  relationships, careers and family.
Explain to your child that your responsibility is to provide food, shelter and clothes, and that everything else you have in your lives is earned, and, from now on, will be earned by you together as a team. This means that if your child chooses to have friends over, watch the television, or have a cell phone, these will all be earned by them complying with what is important to you. Once you set the correct environment, everything will just fall right into place and your child or teenager will rise to the occasion. Creating and sticking to this agreement is called guiding your child’s behavior instead of
taking things away from them, which is punishment. The difference is they have nothing unless it has been earned by them. No punishment, no yelling, and no nagging!

2. Begin asking questions and stop dictating.
What is the first thing you say when you walk into a room and find your children doing things you don’t particularly prefer, like fighting or creating a mess? Right. It’s usually something like, “What the hell is going on in here?” Try using, “Hey, you guys, what should you be doing right now?”
Then, they can give you their correct answer. “We should be doing our chores.” You can praise them with, “Look at you, you are so smart! That’s what I love about you, you always know the correct answer.” Your child or teenager will move right into action to do what they should be doing, every time!
Dictating and barking orders is also very destructive for a child. First of all, he/she cannot think abstractly yet, meaning that half of the time when you communicate they do not understand what you are saying or even why you are yelling. If they need a jacket instead of dictating, “Go get your jacket,” ask them a question. “Timmy, it is supposed to get cold later. What is it a good idea to have if it gets cold outside?” Timmy will answer, “A jacket, Mom.” “Perfect, you are so smart, little Timmy!”

3. Use a technique called question and quantify.
As I mentioned earlier, a huge percentage of the time your child or
teenager does not understand why you are yelling or why you are
frustrated with them. I am sure there has been a discussion at some point when you came home and saw that your child did not clean his/her room the way you want it clean. You say, “Why didn’t you clean your room?” And your child gets angry, “I did clean my room!” You look at the room again and say, “No, you didn’t” and it becomes a huge power struggle. Next time ask, “Honey, what were you supposed to do when you got home from school?” “I was supposed to clean my room, Mom, and I did.” “You did clean your room?” and then quantify it with, “Come, show me what you did, okay?” Your child will show you that they did do a couple things and, to them, that is huge and they need to be recognized for that.


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