Snakes of the Americas Central & South

List of snakes of Central and South America
I do not claim this list to be complete, but most of them are there.
I know there’s some North American species on this list too, but no one taught the snakes how to read a map, much less how to interpret an invisible line made by man. Some species inhabit both North and Central America, others have sub species in both , so it was more convenient to list the whole of the species/sub species.

Anaconda Eunectes

Bolivian anaconda Eunectes beniensis
Darkly-spotted anaconda Eunectes deschauenseei
Green anaconda Eunectes murinus
Yellow anaconda Eunectes notaeus,

Boa Constrictor Boa constrictor

Amaral’s boa B. c. amarali
Argentine boa B. c. occidentalis
Common northern boa B. c. imperator
Dominican clouded boa B. c. nebulosa
Ecuadorian boa B. c. melanogaster
Orton’s boa B. c. ortonii
Pearl Island boa B. c. sabogae
Red-tailed boa B. c. constrictor
St. Lucia boa B. c. orophias
Tumbes Peru boa B. c. longicauda

Forest-pitvipers Bothriopsis

Andean forest-pitviper B. pulchra
B. peruviana

Chocoan lancehead B. punctata
Peruvian forest-pitviper B. oligolepis
Speckled forest-pitviper B. taeniata
Two-striped forest-pitviper B. bilineata
Venezuelan forest-pitviper B. medusa

Lanceheads Bothrops

Amazonian toadheaded pitviper B. hyoprorus
Andean lancehead B. andianus
Bahia lancehead B. leucurus
Barnett’s lancehead B. barnetti
Bolivian lancehead B. sanctaecrucis
B. pradoi
Brazilian lancehead B. moojeni
Brazil’s lancehead B. brazili
Caatinga lancehead B. erythromelas
Cerrado lancehead B. iglesiasi
Cochabamba lancehead B. jonathani
Colombian toadheaded pitviper B. colombianus
Common lancehead B. atrox
Cotiara B. cotiara
Desert lancehead B. pictus
Ecuadorian toadheaded pitviper B. campbelli
Fer-de-lance, terciopelo B. asper
Fonseca’s lancehead B. fonsecai
Golden lancehead B. insularis
Jararaca B. jararaca
Jararacussu B. jararacussu
Lojan lancehead B. lojanus
Marajó lancehead B. marajoensis
Martinique lancehead B. lanceolatus
Neuwied’s lancehead B. neuwiedi
Patagonian lancehead B. ammodytoides
Piraja’s lancehead B. pirajai
Saint Lucia lancehead B. caribbaeus
São Paulo lancehead B. itapetiningae
Small-eyed toad-headed pitviper B. microphthalmus
Urutu B. alternatus
Venezuelan lancehead B. venezuelensis

Eastern racer — Coluber constrictor

Sipo Chironius

Boettger’s sipo Chironius flavolineatus
Brazilian sipo Chironius laevicollis
Brown sipo Chironius fuscus
Chironius challenger
Chironius foveatus
Chironius laurenti
Chironius quadricarinatus
Chironius septentrionalis

Ecuador sipo Chironius grandisquamis
Linnaeus’ sipo Chironius exoletus
Long-tailed machete savane Chironius multiventris
Machete savane Chironius bicarinatus
Mountain sipo Chironius monticola
Smooth machete savane Chironius scurrulus
St. Vincent blacksnake Chironius vincenti
Two-headed sipo Chironius bicarinatus

Black-striped snakes Coniophanes

Black-striped snake, C. imperialis –
C. i. clavatus
C. i. copei

Chiapan stripeless snake, C. alvarezi
Cope’s black-striped snake, C. piceivittis
C. p. frangivirgatus
C. p. taylori

Faded black-striped snake, C. schmidti
Five-striped snake, C. quinquevittatus
Isla San Andres snake, C. andresensis
C. joanae

Peninsula stripeless snake, C. meridanus
Peters’ running snake, C. dromiciformis
Stripeless snake, C. lateritius
C. l. melanocephalus
C. longinquus

Two-spotted snake, C. bipunctatus
C. b. bipunctatus
Yellowbelly snake, C. fissidens
C. f. convergens
C. f. disperses
C. f. proterops
C. f. punctigularis

Tree boa Corallus
Corallus annulatus

Colombian annulated tree boa C. a. colombianus
Ecuadorian annulated tree boa C. a. blombergi
Northern annulated tree boa C. a. annulatus
Amazon tree boa Corallus hortulanus,
Central American tree boa Corallus ruschenbergerii
Cook’s tree boa Corallus cookii
Cropan’s boa Corallus cropanii
Emerald tree boa Corallus caninus,
Grenadian Bank tree boa Corallus grenadensis,

Rainbow boas Epicrates

Argentine rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria alvarezi
Brazilian rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria cenchria
Caatinga rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria assisi
Central highland rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria polylepis
Colombian rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria maurus
Cuban boa Epicrates angulifer
Espirito Santo rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria hygrophilus
Marajo Island rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria barbouri
Paraguayan rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria crassus
Peruvian rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria gaigei

Turks & Caicos boa Epicrates chrysogaster

Acklins Island boa Epicrates chrysogaster schwartzi
Great Inagua Island boa Epicrates chrysogaster relicquus
Turks & Caicos Island boa Epicrates chrysogaster chrysogaster

Abaco Island boa Epicrates exsul,

Haitian ground boa Epicrates fordii

Epicrates fordii manototus

Haitian ground boa Epicrates fordii fordii
St. Nicholas ground boa Epicrates fordii agametus,

Haitian tree boa Epicrates gracilis

Coastal tree boa Epicrates gracilis hapalus
Haitian tree boa Epicrates gracilis gracilis

Puerto Rican boa Epicrates inornatus,

Mona Island boa Epicrates monensis,

Mona Island boa Epicrates monensis monensis
Virgin Island tree boa Epicrates monensis granti

Hispaniolan boa Epicrates striatus,

Andros Island boa Epicrates striatus fowleri,
Bimini Island boa Epicrates striatus fosteri
Cat Island boa Epicrates striatus ailurus
Hispaniolan boa Epicrates striatus striatus,
New Providence Island boa Epicrates striatus strigilatus
Ragged Island boa Epicrates striatus mccraniei
Tiburon Peninsula boa Epicrates striatus exagistus
Tortuga boa Epicrates striatus warreni

Jamaican boa Epicrates subflavus

Blind Snakes
Guyana Blind Snake Leptotyphlops tennela
Black blind snake Leptotyphlops goudotii
Brahminy blind snake Ramphotyphlops braminus
Yucatán blind snake Typhlops microstomus
Coffee worm snake Typhlops tenuis

Blunt-headed tree snakes. Imantodes

Blunt-headed treesnake Imantodes cenchoa
Blunt-headed vine snake Imantodes phantasma
Chocoan blunt-headed vine snake Imantodes chocoensis
Culebra-cordelilla centroamericana Imantodes gemmistratus
Culebra-cordelilla yucateca Imantodes tenuissimus
Imantodes lentiferus

Plain tree snake Imantodes inornatus

Rustyhead snake — Amastridium veliferum

Bushmasters. Lachesis

Black-headed bushmaster L. melanocephala
Central American bushmaster L. stenophrys
South American bushmaster L. muta

Milk snake Lampropeltis Triangulum

Andean milk snake, L. t. andesiana
Atlantic Central American Milksnake, L. t. polyzona
Black milk snake, L. t. gaigeae
Blanchard’s milk snake, L. t. blanchardi
Conant’s milk snake, L. t. conanti
Dixon’s milk snake, L. t. dixoni
Ecuadoran milk snake, L. t. micropholis
Guatemalan milk snake, L. t. abnorma
Honduran milk snake, L. t. hondurensisv
Jalisco milk snake, L. t. arcifera
Mexican milk snake, L. t. annulata
Nelson’s milk snake L. t. nelsoni
Pale milk snake, L. t. multistriata
Pueblan milk snake, L. t. campbelli
Sinaloan milk snake , L. t. sinaloae
Smith’s milk snake L. t. smithi
Stuart’s milk snake, L. t. stuarti
Red milk snake, L. t. syspila

Mussurana Clelia

Clelia bicolor
Clelia clelia
Clelia equatoriana
Clelia errabunda
Clelia rustica

Mexican snake eater Clelia scytalina

Coral Snakes
Genus Leptomicrurus

Guyana blackback coral snake Leptomicrurus collaris
Leptomicrurus collaris breviventris

Andean blackback coral snake Leptomicrurus narduccii
Leptomicrurus narduccii melanotus

Genus Micruroides

Arizona coral snake Micruroides euryxanthus euryxanthus
Micruroides euryxanthus australis
Micruroides euryxanthus neglectus

Genus Micrurus

Allen’s coral snake Micrurus alleni alleni
Micrurus alleni richardi
Micrurus alleni yatesi

Amazon coral snake Micrurus spixii spixii
Micrurus spixiii martiusi
Micrurus spixii obscurus
Micrurus spixii princeps

Annellated coral snake Micrurus annellatus annellatus
Micrurus annellatus balzanii
Micrurus annellatus bolivianus

Aquatic coral snake Micrurus surinamensis surinamensis
Micrurus surinamensis nattereri

Balsan coral snake Micrurus laticollaris laticollaris
Micrurus laticollaris maculirostris

Black-headed coral snake Micrurus averyi
Blotxhed Coral Snake Micrurus bernadi
Bogert’s coral snake Micrurus bogerti
Bolivian coral snake Micrurus frontifasciatus
Brazilian coral snake Micrurus decoratus
Broad-ringed coral snake Micrurus latifasciatus
Brown’s coral snake Micrurus browni browni
Micrurus browni importunus
Micrurus browni taylori

Caatinga coral snake Micrurus ibiboboca
Carib coral snake Micrurus psyches psyches
Micrurus psyches circinalis
Micrurus psyches donosoi

Catamayo coral snake Micrurus catamayensis
Cauca coral snake Micrurus multiscutatus
Central American coral snake Micrurus nigrocinctus nigrocinctus
Micrurus nigrocinctus coibensis
Micrurus nigrocinctus divaricatus
Micrurus nigrocinctus mosquitensis
Micrurus nigrocinctus ovandoensis
Micrurus nigrocinctus wagneri
Micrurus nigrocinctus yatesi
Micrurus nigrocinctus zunilensis

Clark’s coral snake Micrurus clarki
Cloud forest coral snake Micrurus nebularis
Desert coral snake Micrurus tschudii tschudii
Micrurus tschudii olssoni

Eastern coral snake Micrurus fulvius
Elegant coral snake Micrurus elegans elegans
Micrurus elegans veraepacis

Ecuadorian coral snake Micrurus bocourti
Hemprich’s coral snake Micrurus hemprichii hemprichii
Micrurus hemprichii ortoni
Micrurus hemprichii rondonianus

Langsdorff’s coral snake Micrurus langsdorffi langsdorffi
Micrurus langsdorffi ornatissimus

Many-banded coral snake Micrurus multifasciatus multifasciatus
Micrurus multifasciatus hertwigi

Mayan coral snake Micrurus hippocrepis
Merten’s coral snake Micrurus mertensi
Micrurus altirostris
Micrurus camilae
Micrurus diana
Micrurus dumerilii antioquiensis
Micrurus dumerilii carinicaudus
Micrurus dumerilii colombianus
Micrurus dumerilii dumerilii
Micrurus dumerilii transandinus
Micrurus dumerilii venezuelensis
Micrurus medemi
Micrurus pacaraimae
Micrurus pachecogili
Micrurus paraensis
Micrurus pyrrhocryptus
Micrurus remotus
Micrurus renjifoi
Micrurus scutiventris
Micrurus silviae
Micrurus spurelli
Micrurus tamaulipensis
Micrurus tricolor

Nayarit coral snake Micrurus proximans
Oaxacan coral snake Micrurus ephippifer ephippifer
Micrurus ephippifer zapotecus

Painted coral snake Micrurus corallinus
Panamanian coral snake, Micrurus stewarti
Peruvian coral snake Micrurus peruvianus
Peters’ coral snake Micrurus petersi
Putumayo coral snake Micrurus putumayensis
Pygmy coral snake Micrurus dissoleucus dissoleucus
Micrurus dissoleucus dunni
Micrurus dissoleucus melanogenys
Micrurus dissoleucus meridensis
Micrurus dissoleucus nigrirostris

Redtail coral snake Micrurus mipartitus mipartitus
Micrurus mipartitus anomalus
Micrurus mipartitus decussatus
Micrurus mipartitus semipartitus

Regal coral snake Micrurus ancoralis ancoralis
Micrurus ancoralis jani

Roatán coral snake Micrurus ruatanus
Santander coral snake Micrurus sangilensis
Slender coral snake Micrurus filiformis filiformis
Micrurus filiformis subtilis

South American coral snake Micrurus lemniscatus lemniscatus
Micrurus lemniscatus carvalhoi
Micrurus lemniscatus diutius
Micrurus lemniscatus frontifasciatus
Micrurus lemniscatus helleri

Southern coral snake Micrurus frontalis frontalis
Micrurus frontalis brasiliensis
Micrurus frontalis mesopotamicus

Speckled coral snake Micrurus margaritiferus
Steindachner’s coral snake Micrurus steindachneri steindachneri
Micrurus steindachneri orcesi

Stuart’s coral snake Micrurus stuarti
Texas coral snake Micrurus tener tener
Micrurus tener tener
Micrurus tener maculatus
Micrurus tener microgalbineus

Tuxtlan coral snake Micrurus limbatus limbatus
Micrurus limbatus spilosomus

Variable coral snake Micrurus diastema diastema
Micrurus diastema aglaeope
Micrurus diastema alienus
Micrurus diastema affinis
Micrurus diastema apiatus
Micrurus diastema macdougalli
Micrurus diastema sapperi

Venezuela coral snake Micrurus isozonus
West Mexican coral snake Micrurus distans distans
Micrurus distans michoacanensis
Micrurus distans oliveri
Micrurus distans zweifeli

Vine snakes Oxybelis

Cope’s vine snake Oxybelis brevirostris
Green vine snake Oxybelis fulgidus
Mexican vine snake Oxybelis aeneus
Roatan vine snake Oxybelis wilsoni

Burrowing snake. Adelphicos

Adelphicos ibarrorum

Chiapas burrowing snake, Adelphicos nigrilatus
Dary’s burrowing snake, Adelphicos daryi
Oaxaca burrowing snake, Adelphicos latifasciatum
Stuart’s burrowing snake, Adelphicos veraepacis
Middle American burrowing snake, Adelphicos quadrivirgatus
Cope’s earth snake, A. q. visoninus
Jan’s earth snake, A. q. quadrivirgatus
Newman’s earth snake, A. q. newmanorum
Sargi’s earth snake, A. q. sargii

Chapinophis xanthocheilus

Palm-pitvipers Bothriechis

Black-speckled palm-pitviper B. nigroviridis
Blotched palm-pitviper B. supraciliaris
Eyelash palm-pitviper B. schlegelii
Guatemalan palm-pitviper B. bicolor
Guifarro’s palm pit-viper B. guifarroi
Honduran palm-pitviper B. marchi
Merendon palm-pitviper B. thalassinus
Mexican palm-pitviper B. rowleyi
Side-striped palm-pitviper B. lateralis
Yellow-blotched palm-pitviper B. aurifer

Centipede snakes Tantilla

Andes centipede snake Tantilla andinista
Baird’s blackhead snake Tantilla bairdi
banded centipede snake Tantilla supracincta
Barbour’s centipede snake Tantilla albiceps
Big Bend blackhead snake Tantilla cucullata
Big Bend blackhead snake Tantilla rubra
Black centipede snake Tantilla nigra
Blackbelly centipede snake Tantilla moesta
Blackhead snake Tantilla melanocephala
Bocourt’s blackhead snake Tantilla bocourti
Boulenger’s centipede snake Tantilla alticola
Brazilian three-lined centipede snake Tantilla trilineata
Briggs’ centipede snake Tantilla briggsi
Capistrata centipede snake Tantilla capistrata
Central American centipede snake Tantilla taeniata
Chihuahuan blackhead snake Tantilla wilcoxi
Deppe’s centipede snake Tantilla deppei
Equator centipede snake Tantilla equatoriana
Flathead snake Tantilla gracilis
Florida crowned snake Tantilla relicta
Guerreran centipede snake Tantilla coronadoi
Hallowell’s centipede snake Tantilla vermiformis
Jan’s centipede snake Tantilla jani
Mena’s centipede snake Tantilla lempira
Mertens’ centipede snake Tantilla brevicauda
Mexican blackhead snake Tantilla atriceps
Mexican three-lined centipede snake Tantilla triseriata
Michoacán centipede snake Tantilla cascadae
Mountain centipede snake Tantilla insulamontana
Oaxacan centipede snake Tantilla oaxacae
Pacific Coast centipede snake Tantilla calamarina
Peten centipede snake Tantilla cuniculator
Peten centipede snake Tantilla hendersoni
Peters’ blackhead snake Tantilla petersi
Plains blackhead snake Tantilla nigriceps
Potosí centipede snake Tantilla shawi
Red earth centipede snake Tantilla schistosa
Reticulate centipede snake Tantilla reticulata
Rim rock crowned snake Tantilla oolitica
Ringed centipede snake Tantilla semicincta
Slavens’ centipede snake Tantilla slavensi
Southeastern crowned snake Tantilla coronata
Southwestern blackhead snake Tantilla hobartsmithi
Striped centipede snake Tantilla striata
Tantilla armillata
Tantilla boipiranga
Tantilla ceboruca
Tantilla deviatrix
Tantilla fraseri
Tantilla impensa
Tantilla longifrontalis
Tantilla mexicana
Tantilla miyatai
Tantilla robusta
Tantilla sertula
Tantilla tecta
Tantilla vulcani

Three-banded centipede snake Tantilla tritaeniata
Volcán Tacaná centipede snake Tantilla tayrae
Western blackhead snake Tantilla planiceps
Wilson’s centipede snake Tantilla cuesta
Yaqui blackhead snake Tantilla yaquia
Yellow-lined centipede snake Tantilla flavilineata

Pacific longtail snake — Enulius flavitorques

Latin American earth snakes Geophis

Geophis anocularis
Geophis betaniensis
Geophis bellus
Geophis bicolor Günther,
Geophis blanchardi
Geophis brachycephalus
Geophis cancellatus
Geophis carinosus
Geophis chalybeus
Geophis championi
Geophis damiani
Geophis downsi
Geophis dubius
Geophis duellmani
Geophis dugesii
Geophis dunni
Geophis fulvoguttatus
Geophis godmani
Geophis hoffmanni
Geophis immaculatus
Geophis incomptus
Geophis isthmicus
Geophis juarezi
Geophis juliai
Geophis laticinctus
Geophis laticollaris
Geophis latifrontalis
Geophis maculiferus
Geophis mutitorques
Geophis nasalis
Geophis nephodrymus
Geophis nigroalbus
Geophis nigrocinctus
Geophis occabus
Geophis omiltemanus
Geophis petersii
Geophis pyburni
Geophis rhodogaster)
Geophis rostralis
Geophis russatus
Geophis ruthveni
Geophis sallaei
Geophis semidoliatus
Geophis sieboldi
Geophis talamancae
Geophis tarascae
Geophis tectus
Geophis turbidus
Geophis zeledoni

Snail Suckers – Sibon

Cope’s snail sucker Sibon anthracops
Carr’s snail sucker Sibon carri
Sibon dimidiata
Sibon fischeri
Sibon nebulata

Pygmy snail sucker Sibon sanniola
Sibon sartorii
Sibon manzanaresi
Sibon miskitus

Jumping pitvipers, Atropoides

Guatemalan jumping pitviper Atropoides occiduus
Honduran Jumping Pitviper Atropoides indomitus
Mexican jumping pitviper Atropoides nummifer
Picado’s jumping pitviper A. picadoi
Tuxtlan jumping pitviper A. olmec

Forest racers Dendrophidion

Barred forest racer Dendrophidion vinitor
Boshell’s forest racer Dendrophidion boshelli
Cope’s forest racer Dendrophidion paucicarinatum
Dendrophidion apharocybe
Dendrophidion atlantica
Dendrophidion clarkii
Dendrophidion crybelum
Dendrophidion graciliverpa
Dendrophidion prolixum
Dendrophidion rufiterminorum

Forest racer Dendrophidion bivittatus
Günther’s forest racer Dendrophidion brunneum
Olive forest racer Dendrophidion dendrophis
Peters’ forest racer, pink-tailed forest racer Dendrophidion nuchale
South American forest racer Dendrophidion percarinatum


Dipsas albifrons
Dipsas articulata
Dipsas bicolor
Dipsas boettgeri
Dipsas brevifacies
Dipsas catesbyi
Dipsas chaparensis
Dipsas copei
Dipsas elegans
Dipsas gaigeae
Dipsas gracilis
Dipsas incerta
Dipsas indica
Dipsas latifasciata
Dipsas latifrontalis
Dipsas neivai
Dipsas oreas
Dipsas pakaraima
Dipsas pavonina
Dipsas perijanensis
Dipsas peruana
Dipsas poecilolepis
Dipsas polylepis
Dipsas pratti
Dipsas sanctijoannis
Dipsas schunkii
Dipsas temporalis
Dipsas tenuissima
Dipsas variegata
Dipsas vermiculata
Dipsas viguieri

Indigo snakes Drymarchon

Eastern indigo snake Drymarchon couperi
Falcon indigo snake Drymarchon caudomaculatus
Indigo snake Drymarchon corais
Middle American indigo snake Drymarchon melanurus
Texas indigo snake Drymarchon melanurus erebennus
Mexican red-tailed indigo snake Drymarchon melanurus rubidus

Neotropical racers Drymobius

Black forest racer Drymobius melanotropis
Esmarald racer Drymobius rhombifer
Green highland racer Drymobius chloroticus
Speckled racer Drymobius margaritiferus
Drymobius margaritiferus margaritiferus
Drymobius margaritiferus fistulosus
Drymobius margaritiferus maydis
Drymobius margaritiferus occidentalis

Rat Snakes

Mexican night Snake Elaphe flavirufa
Green rat snake Senticolis triaspis
Santa Rosalia rat snake Bogertophis rosaliae
Trans-Pecos rat snake Bogertophis subocularis
Baird’s Ratsnake Pantherophis bairdi
Eastern Foxsnake Pantherophis gloydi
Eastern Ratsnake Pantherophis alleghaniensis
Gray Ratsnake Pantherophis spiloides
Red Cornsnake Pantherophis guttata
Texas Ratsnake or Black rat snake Pantherophis obsoletus
Western Foxsnake Pantherophis vulpina

Hooknose snakes Ficimia

Blotched hook-nosed snake Ficimia publia
Guerreran hook-nosed snake Ficimia ruspator
Hardy’s hook-nosed snake Ficimia hardyi
Mexican hook-nosed snake Ficimia olivacea
Ramirez’s hook-nosed snake Ficimia ramirezi
Strecker’s hook-nosed snake Ficimia streckeri
Tehuantepec hook-nosed snake Ficimia variegata

Costa Rica water snake –– Hydromorphus concolor

Cat-eyed snakes Leptodeira

Baker’s cat-eyed snake Leptodeira bakeri
Banded cat-eyed snake Leptodeira annulata
Black-banded cat-eyed snake Leptodeira nigrofasciata
Costa Rican cat-eyed snake Leptodeira rubricata
Leptodeira annulata annulata
Leptodeira annulata ashmeadii
Leptodeira annulata cussiliris
Leptodeira annulata pulchriceps
Leptodeira annulata rhombifera
Leptodeira frenata frenata
Leptodeira frenata malleisi
Leptodeira frenata yucatanensis
Leptodeira septentrionalis ornata
Leptodeira septentrionalis polysticta
Leptodeira septentrionalis septentrionalis
Leptodeira splendida bressoni
Leptodeira splendida ephippiata
Leptodeira splendida splendida
Leptodeira uribei

Northern cat-eyed snake Leptodeira septentrionalis
Rainforest cat-eyed snake Leptodeira frenata
Southwestern cat-eyed snake Leptodeira maculata
Splendid cat-eyed snake Leptodeira splendida
Western cat-eyed snake Leptodeira punctata

Striped lowland snake — Leptodrymus pulcherrimus

Parrot snakes Leptophis

Cloud forest parrot snake Leptophis modestus
Cope’s parrot snake Leptophis depressirostris
Copper parrot snake Leptophis cupreus
Despax’s parrot snake Leptophis riveti
Gray lora Leptophis stimsoni
Leptophis ahaetulla ahaetulla
Leptophis ahaetulla bocourti
Leptophis ahaetulla bolivianus
Leptophis ahaetulla chocoensis
Leptophis ahaetulla coeruleodorsus
Leptophis ahaetulla copei
Leptophis ahaetulla liocercus
Leptophis ahaetulla marginatus
Leptophis ahaetulla nigromarginatus
Leptophis ahaetulla occidentalis
Leptophis ahaetulla ortonii
Leptophis ahaetulla praestans
Leptophis mexicanus septentrionalis
Leptophis mexicanus yucatanensis
Leptophis santamartensis

Mexican parrot snake Leptophis mexicanus mexicanus
Leptophis mexicanus hoeversi

Oliver’s parrot snake Leptophis nebulosus
Pacific Coast parrot snake Leptophis diplotropis diplotropis
Leptophis diplotropis forreri

Parrot snake Leptophis ahaetulla

Whip snakes Masticophis

Ajo Mountain whip snake, Masticophis lineolatus
Baja California striped whip snake Masticophis aurigulus
M. a. aurigulus
M. a. barbouri

California whip snake, Masticophis lateralis
Alameda striped racer, M. l. euryxanthus
California striped racer, M. l. lateralis
Clarion Island whip snake Masticophis anthonyi
Coachwhip Masticophis flagellum
Sonoran coachwhip, M. f. cingulum
Eastern coachwhip, M. f. flagellum
Baja California coachwhip, M. f. fuliginosus
Lined coachwhip, M. f. lineatulus
Red coachwhip, M. f. piceusv
San Joaquin coachwhip, M. f. ruddocki
Western coachwhip, M. f. testaceus
Neotropical whip snake, Masticophis mentovarius
M. m. centralis
M. m. mentovarius
M. m. suborbitalis
M. m. striolatus
M. m. variolosus

Schott’s whip snake, Masticophis schotti
Ruthven’s whip snake, M. s. ruthveni
Sonoran whip snake, Masticophis bilineatus
M. b. bilineatus
M. b. slevini

Striped whip snake, Masticophis taeniatus
M. t. australis

Central Texas whip snake, M. t. girardi
Ornate whip snake, M. t. ornatus
Desert striped whip snake, M. t. taeniatus

Coffee snakes Ninia

Cope’s Coffee Snake N. psephota
Hallowell’s Coffee Snake N. atrata
Hudson’s Coffee Snake N. hudsoni
N. cerroensis
N. oxynota

Redback coffee snake N. sebae
Ringneck Coffee Snake N. diademata
Spotted Coffee Snake N. maculata


Calico snake Oxyrhopus petolarius
Oxyrhopus clathratus
Oxyrhopus doliatus
Oxyrhopus erdisii
Oxyrhopus fitzingeri
Oxyrhopus formosus
Oxyrhopus guibei
Oxyrhopus leucomelas
Oxyrhopus marcapatae
Oxyrhopus melanogenys
Oxyrhopus occipitalis
Oxyrhopus rhombifer
Oxyrhopus trigeminus
Oxyrhopus vanidicus

Gopher snakes, pine snakes, and bull snakes Pituophis

Black pine snake Pituophis melanoleucus lodingi
Bull snake Pituophis catenifer sayi
Cape gopher snake Pituophis catenifer vertebralis
Central Baja California gopher snake Pituophis catenifer bimaris
Coronado Island gopher snake Pituophis catenifer coronalis
Credos Island gopher snake Pituophis catenifer insulanus
Florida pine snake Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus
Gopher snake Pituophis catenifer
Great Basin gopher snake Pituophis catenifer deserticola
Louisiana pine snake Pituophis ruthveni
Mexican pine snake Pituophis deppei deppei
Middle American gopher snake Pituophis lineaticollis
Northern Mexican pine snake Pituophis deppei jani
Northern pine snake Pituophis melanoleucus melanoleucus
Pacific gopher snake Pituophis catenifer catenifer
Pine snake Pituophis melanoleucus
Pituophis lineaticollis gibsoni
Pituophis lineaticollis lineaticollis

San Diego gopher snake Pituophis catenifer annectens
San Martin Island gopher snake Pituophis catenifer fulginatus
Santa Cruz gopher snake Pituophis catenifer pumilis
Sonoran gopher snake Pituophis catenifer affinis

Variegated false coral snake –– Pliocercus elapoides

Puffing snake — Pseustes poecilonotus

Brown Snakes Rhadinaea

Godman’s graceful brown snake Rhadinaea godmani
Hannstein’s spot-lipped snake Rhadinaea hannsteini
Hempstead’s pine woods snake Rhadinaea hempsteadae
Kinkelin graceful brown snake Rhadinaea kinkelini
Tearful pine-oak snake Rhadinaea lachrymans
Monte Cristi graceful brown snake Rhadinaea montecristi
Stuart’s graceful brown snake Rhadinaea pilonaorum
Posada’s graceful brown snake Rhadinaea posadasi
Rhadinaea anachoreta
Rhadinaea decorata
Rhadinaea stadelmani

Guatemala neckband snake Scaphiodontophis annulatus

Black-banded snake Scolecophis atrocinctus

Senticollis triaspis

Chicken snakes Spilotes

Spilotes pullatus anomalepis
Spilotes pullatus argusiformis
Spilotes pullatus maculatus
Spilotes pullatus mexicanus
Spilotes pullatus pullatus

Stenorrhina degenhardti
Stenorrhina freminvillii

Redbelly snake. Storeria

Black Hills redbelly snake Storeria occipitomaculata pahasapae
Brown snake, Storeria dekayi
Florida brown snake Storeria dekayi victa
Florida redbelly snake Storeria occipitomaculata obscura
Marsh brown snake Storeria dekayi limnetes
Mexican brown snake Storeria storerioides
Mexican yellowbelly brown snake Storeria hidalgoensis
Midland brown snake Storeria dekayi wrightorum
Northern brown snake Storeria dekayi dekayi
Northern redbelly snake Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata
Redbelly snake Storeria occipitomaculata
Storeria dekayi anomala
Storeria dekayi temporalineata
Storeria dekayi tropica

Texas brown snake Storeria dekayi texana

Yucatán white-lipped snake Symphimus mayae

Speckled dwarf short-tail snake Tantillita brevissima
Yucatecan dwarf short-tail snake Tantillita canula
Linton’s dwarf short-tail snake Tantillita lintoni

Garter snake Thamnophis

Aquatic garter snake, T. atratus
Diablo Range garter snake, T. a. zaxanthus
Oregon garter snake, T. a. hydrophilus
Santa Cruz garter snake, T. a. atratus

Blackbelly garter snake, T. melanogaster
Chihuahuan blackbelly garter snake, T. m. chihuahuanensis
Gray blackbelly garter snake, T. m. canescens
Lined blackbelly garter snake, T. m. linearis
Mexican blackbelly garter snake, T. m. melanogaster

Butler’s garter snake, T. butleri

Checkered garter snake, T. marcianus
T. m. marcianus
T. m. praeocularis
T. m. bovalli

Common garter snake, T. sirtalis
Bluestripe garter snake, T. s. similis
California red-sided garter snake, T. s. infernalis
Chicago garter snake, T. s. semifasciatus
Eastern garter snake, T. s. sirtalis
Maritime garter snake, T. s. pallidulus
New Mexico garter snake, T. s. dorsalis
Puget Sound garter snake, T. s. pickeringii
Red-sided garter snake, T. s. parietalis
Red-spotted garter snake, T. s. concinnus
San Francisco garter snake, T. s. tetrataenia
Texas garter snake, T. s. annectens
T. s. lowei

Valley garter snake, T. s. fitchi

Goldenhead garter snake, T. chrysocephalus
Blackneck garter snake, T. cyrtopsis
Eastern garter snake, T. c. ocellatus
Tepalcatepec Valley garter snake, T. c. postremus
Tropical blackneck garter snake, T. c. collaris
Western blackneck garter snake, T. c. cyrtopsis
Yellow-throated garter snake, T. c. pulchrilatus

Giant garter snake, T. gigas
Godman’s garter snake, T. godmani
Highland garter snake, T. fulvus

Laguna Totolcingo garter snake, T. e. carmenensis

Longnose garter snake, T. angustirostris

Montane garter snake, T. exsul

Narrowhead garter snake, T. rufipunctatus
T. r. nigronuchalis
T. r. unilabialis

Northwestern garter snake, T. ordinoides
Plains garter snake, T. radix
Rossman’s garter snake, T. rossmani
Shorthead garter snake, T. brachystoma
Tamaulipan montane garter snake, T. mendax

Ribbon snake, T. sauritus
Bluestripe ribbon snake, T. s. nitae
Eastern ribbon snake, T. s. sauritus
Longtail Alpine garter snake, T. scalaris
Northern ribbon snake, T. s. septentrionalis
Peninsula ribbon snake, T. s. sackenii
Short-tail Alpine garter snake, T. scaliger

Sumichrast’s garter snake, T. sumichrasti

Thamnophis eques
Mexican garter snake, T. e. eques
Northern Mexican garter snake, T. e. megalops
T. e. cuitzeoensis
T. e. diluvialis
T. e. insperatus
T. e. obscurus
T. e. patzcuaroensis
T. e. scotti
T. e. virgatenuis

Two-striped garter snake, T. hammondii

West Coast garter snake, T. valida
Mexican Pacific Lowlands garter snake, T. v. celaeno
T. v. isabellae
T. v. thamnophisoides
T. v. valida

Western aquatic garter snake, T. couchii

Western ribbon snake, T. proximus
Arid land western ribbon snake, T. p. diabolicus
Chiapas Highland western ribbon snake, T. p. alpinus
Gulf Coast western ribbon snake, T. p. orarius
Mexican ribbon snake, T. p. rutiloris
Redstripe ribbon snake, T. p. rubrilineatus
Western ribbon snake, T. p. proximus

Western terrestrial garter snake, T. elegans
Arizona garter snake, T. e. arizonae
Coast garter snake, T. e. terrestris
Mexican wandering garter snake, T. e. errans
Mountain garter snake, T. e. elegans
Sierra San Pedro Mártir garter snake, T. e. hueyi
Upper Basin garter snake, T. e. vascotanneri
Wandering garter snake, T. e. vagrans

Orangebelly swamp snake — Tretanorhinus nigroluteus

Lyre snakes, Trimorphodon

Baja California Lyre Snake, Trimorphodon biscutatus lyrophanes
Mexican Lyre Snake, Trimorphodon tau
Sonoran Lyre Snake, Trimorphodon biscutatus lambda
Texas Lyre Snake, Trimorphodon biscutatus vilkinsonii
Trimorphodon biscutatus quadruplex
Trimorphodon tau latifascia

Western Lyre Snake, Trimorphodon biscutatus
False Fer-de-lance Xenodon rabdocephalus
Yellow-bellied sea snake Pelamis platurus

Cantil Agkistrodon bilineatus

Montane pitviper Cerrophidion

Barbour’s montane pitviper C. barbouri
Godman’s montane pitviper C. godmani
Tzotzil montane pitviper C. tzotzilorum

Hognosed pitvipers Porthidium

Colima hognosed pitviper P. hespere
Dunn’s hognosed pitviper P. dunni
Lansberg’s hognosed pitviper P. lansbergii
Rainforest hognosed pitviper P. nasutum
Slender hognosed pitviper P. ophryomegas
Ujarran hognosed pitviper P. volcanicum
Yucatán hognosed pitviper P. yucatanicum

Middle American rattlesnake — Crotalus simus

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